3 days ’til launch

only 3 days until Launch Day and I’m running a bit late this morning, no time for late! Being late today doesn’t matter because I’m moving at warp speed thanks to an early morning delivery at home. We’ve been coveting an espresso machine for a while and late on Saturday night it occured to me “what the heck, just buy it”. So I did. Because the price was unbelievably reasonable and FREE SHIPPING. Free? I like free. And I like lattes. Not too many, just one wee one a day although now I suspect that one will quickly become two. So on Saturday night around midnight I clicked the Buy Now button for my new Breville espresso machine. I thought the timing would be excellent, a week or so and the machine would arrive during my One of a Kind prep week, perfect. This morning I opened the door to leave for work and Boom, there it was. Ordered Saturday night, on my countertop on Tuesday morning. Now that is service. This is the sort of online shopping experience I intend to provide. And now that I’m totally ripped on a wickedly strong latte I’m going to make oodles of beads. And clean the studio. And hang my pictures. And display jewelry. Because I’m moving at warp speed. Oh yeah.

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