42 days to go! the OOAK diaries


NOOOO!!! How did this happen? I missed last weeks diary update and I blinked and it’s 16 days since the last diary update. And it brings us to 42 days until the OOAK! Even scarier, it is now 27 days until Vancouver Circle Craft! In exactly 4 weeks today I will be standing in my booth in Vancouver saying Merry Christmas! Seriously????

So where did this last 16 days go? What have I accomplished and what needs to be done this week?

Well, I admit it, I slacked off. Last week was my birthday and while I don’t make a really big deal about it (unless it’s a trip year and a special occasion) this year there was some down time for it. There was cake, there was wine, there was patio time because it is still so darn nice outside it feels like a crime to be indoors.

It was also a busy busy online sales time as I ran my annual birthday sale. (This is for my Awesome Amigos on my mailing list only. Not on the list? Sign up on the side and be in the know for the next private sale). So pretty much anything I made for the past 2 weeks is already sold and out the door.  Packing all this up took 2 days.

Checked off the list:

  • an inventory of all packaging and a list of how much I need to order and when. Order dates are on the calendar
  • exhibitor kits for both shows read and deadlines on the calendar. These are boring deadlines for stuff like electrical and parking. Yes, we pay for the hydro for our booths.
  • travel details done for Vancouver. Flights, check. Airbnb, check. Car rented for one day, check.
    reading over last years booth notes and checklists. As I’m using the same booth size and configuration in both shows this year as last year it’s much easier. And I was really good at keeping notes! Yay me!
  • a couple of long torch sessions for building stock on standard items. Still fun but not as fun when you sit down and think, hm, I need to make 100 of these small snow queen beads.

snow queen earrings by sailorgirl jewelry

  • a list of the beads still need to be made for standard items. Again, it’s production work, making a lot of the most popular items.

So what on the list for the upcoming week?

  • thinking about the booth. I need to find a good way to display long necklaces. I’m making and selling more and more of these, how do I show them?
  • design and order a new booth sign. Preferably one that I can roll up and take with me out west.
  • booth photos. i want new ones. these are a mix of inspirational photos and jewelry. i need 16. this week i need to think about what photos i want on the wall. what am i showcasing this year?
  • there is a silver charm that I really want to make. It’s been in my sketchbook for 2 years now. I want this done for the show. It’s become my motto, it needs to happen. I’m playing with how to do this. I need the lead time to make a couple of prototypes and test them out.
  • social media. Not only do i have a boatload of jewelry to make, I also have to let everyone in the world know what’s happening in my world. I’ve been pretty good about doing a daily photo on Instagram and also on Facebook. Time to step up the game. Continuing on, at least one photo a day sharing the prep for the show.

The tough call is deciding what is going to be popular this year. No matter what as makers we can’t predict what customers want. Some years it’s a certain colour, some years it’s small work, some years it’s big and showy. When I come up with something new I always put in online and ask for opinions. I have also learned that what sells online and what sells in person is totally different. So for now I will just make as much as I can.

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