58 days to go!

It was a week of sunshine and blue skies and ice cream. A week of “let’s go and sit on a patio and enjoy this because this might be the last nice day of the season”, and then I’d wake up and the next day would be the same. So I did, because life is short and it was just too darn nice to spend much time inside.

The super nice weather meant that this weeks show prep was more of the online stuff and less of the actual making stuff. Since I’d done a major inventory of my supplies there was some ordering to be done, fortunately I could do that from a patio! Oh the joy of a laptop and wifi! I ran into a few issues with getting some of the special glass I want, no one in Canada has any. I located some in Oregon, and some of the other in Arizona, neither of which will not ship to Canada. So the glass is being shipped to Buffalo and I’ll be taking a road trip in the near future. Yay road trip!

Also on my fun list from this week was a trip to the Chihuly exhibit at the ROM. Oh swoon. Seriously I could have spend the whole day there. The best part was the installation of the Persian ceiling, they placed bean bag mattresses on the floor so you can lie there and stare up into the colour. Talk about inspiration! It sent me straight to my sketchbooks. One of my favourites was the red reeds on birch trees, the combination of candy red and the silver birch…. And another favourite was a section of giant white pods with grey reeds on the black floor. Not colours I normally work with much but these are ticking away in my brain. I’ve pulled all my grey glass out and I’m staring at it, waiting for it to speak.

pods reeds

I did squeak in a little torch time to play with something new which I’m really happy with. This is definitely going in the fall line up. Now I need a name, Midnight Sahara? Tempest? Saturn Skies? All suggestions from the post on Facebook. We’ll see. First I have to make sure I can reproduce this!
The One of a Kind show also announced this years competition. Every year I have great intentions of entering a piece into the competition, I usually forget until the last minute and then don’t have time. Not this year! The theme is Silver and Gold and I know exactly what I want to make. The challenge is that what i want to make is technically very difficult/impossible but that isn’t going to stop me. Just you wait to see this, it’s going to be spectacular.

It feels like not much got done this week. I’ve set up a series of boxes for organizing inventory, they didn’t fill up much. That’s okay, I still have 58 days to go.

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