84 days!

84 days until one of a kind show sailorgirl jewelry

Guess what arrived in my inbox this week? An email i was too afraid to open for a few days. Because I knew, I knew without a doubt that opening that email was opening a pandoras box of busyness that right now in the sunny humid lazy dog days of august I just couldn’t deal with.
What was it you ask? What few words could strike such dread in one who prides herself on dealing with the busy of life?

My “Welcome artisan! to the Christmas one of a kind show” email.

CHRISTMAS one of a kind show. The countdown is on my friends. Yes I opened it today because it is the last day of August. I was thinking I’d open it when the heatwave had broken however the heat shows no signs of abating. I thought I’d open it after Labour Day because no matter how long it has been since I was in school the day after Labour Day has such a feeling of hope and new beginnings. I thought I’d open it when my summer brain woke up and it felt like time to get going again.

And today my summer brain woke up screaming at me that NOW is the time to get going. After all there are only 121 more days in 2016 and I have stuff to do.

While there are 121 days left in 2016 my backwards calendar tells me that there are 84 days until the 2016 Christmas One of a Kind show. That’s plenty of time if I get moving now. It’s really hard to think about Christmas when I’m sitting in a tank top on a patio with a frosty beverage however waiting until the last minute means too many late nights, stress, and promises that I won’t do this next year. That last bit about the promises? Yeah, that’s on a post it note on my desk dated November 20 2015.

The Christmas One of a Kind show is an 11 day arts and craft show that this year takes place November 24 – December 4, 2016. There are (I think) 800 artisans from across Canada and it is a really big deal for all of us. This is what we work towards every year.  It is where I present all my ideas in glass and jewelry. It is a chance to hang out with fabulously talented makers who inspire me. And of course, it is a significant portion of my annual income.

With such a large undertaking there are a million details that need to be worked out. My participation is so much more than just making some jewelry and showing up. There is my display to be thought about, packaging to be ordered, photos to be taken and printed. How many business cards do I need? Postcards? How am I hanging my new long necklaces? What about those Bubble necklaces? Tricky little devils to show properly. And I want a new front sales counter.

And of course, the jewelry. Hm. What colours do you want this year? What can I make that is new for all my collectors who already have everything? How many earrings should I make? Is it a bracelet year or a necklace year? Small or big necklaces?

Oh the details!!!! Right now I am in full on panic because those pesky details are swirling around in my brain in a total mess. I need to tame them into lists to make sure none of them go astray. Kind of like herding cats.

There are 12 weeks before I stand in my booth welcoming all of you to see my work. To make sure I stay on track once a week I’m going to sit down and write about what I’m up to, what needs to be done, what I’m working on. The timeline for my show. Join me weekly to see just what goes into that lovely booth full of pretty shiny things you can visit on November 24.

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  1. Caitlyn Goodwyn says:

    Can’t wait to see you there!

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