a fresh beginning

i admit it, i have a thing for notebooks. there is nothing so exciting as a spiffy new notebook and this one is the king of notebooks. my sister gave me this and i LOVE it! it’s the airstream travel journal and this is my notebook for my upcoming trip. every trip gets a new notebook. as does every new year, new event, new project, basically i will use anything as an excuse for a new notebook. i knew i had a problem when i opened my knapsack and realized i carry 5 notebooks everywhere. well, you wouldn’t want to mix your daily to-do notes in with your doodles, and the doodles wouldn’t mix with story ideas. and then there’s the business notebook, well, you get the picture. so last year i cut myself off from beginning or buying any new notebooks until i had used up some of the ones in my stash. sometimes it’s hard to use them if they’re really really pretty, you feel like they must be filled with such wit and wisdom that you just can’t sully them with crap. my airstream journal was one of those, it’s been on my bookshelf looking pretty for a while. i’ve decided that i shall bring this with me for the upcoming adventures. the front is printed with the words
see more
do more
live more
and those are words that i intend to live by.

my fab new notebook is filled with hilarious vintage photos of airstreams all over the place. and i love this shot. if i ever trade in my sailboat for a land yacht i will look like this, except there will be beads and jewelry all over my elegant dining table!

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