Checklist For a Day Sail

It’s a gorgeous sunny day, let’s go sailing! Okay, where are we? Most people know where they are, we usually do. We have dual sailing personalities, summers are spend in Canada racing on Lake Ontario, winters (or summer 2) are spent in the blue down south. There’s a transition time going back and forth when I’m not sure which way is up. The day sail checklist is radically different depending on where we are.

Summer in Canada – June 6. It’s 8 degrees C, (48 F for the metrically challenged). The water is a balmy 4 C (40 F). Let’s see, we’ll need:

  • long johns
  • fleece pants
  • fleece socks
  • wool socks
  • undershirt
  • long sleeve t-shirt
  • fleece jacket
  • fleece lined wind shell
  • foul weather pants and jacket
  • fleece toque
  • sailing boots
  • gloves
  • sunglasses

Hmm, let’s think about sailing down south on Forbidden Planet. It’s 28 degrees C, (82 F for the metrically challenged). The water is a balmy 24 C (80 F). Let’s see, we’ll need:

  • sunscreen
  • bathing suit
  • light cotton shirt for sun protection
  • sun glasses
  • hat
  • shoes (don’t want any broken toes)

Then there’s provisioning. On the Canadian sail we’ll need pre-made sandwiches for a crew of 12, red wine, thermoses of hot chocolate, coffee and tea, red wine, water, lots of hand food, red wine, mini Mars bars (lack of chocolate leads to grumpy crew), and perhaps some more red wine. And some serious snackage for post race festivities.

For the day sail down south we’ll need lots of water, fruit, perhaps a veggie omelette for breakfast, a pasta salad for lunch, cookies, some white wine, maybe some cheese and crackers, and then more white wine or a rum and OJ for sundowners. Speaking of sundowners perhaps we’ll whip up some sushi before deciding on dinner.

The northern sail ends as we cross the finish line, haul down the sails, and motor back to the club. There’s wet sails to be folded and lines to be stored. Then there’s wine, snacks and 12 of us reliving each moment of our hopefully victorius race. Mucho laughter.

Down south we’ll find an anchorage, securely set both anchors, check out who else is in the anchorage then pour a glass of wine and watch the sunset.

Split personalities and they’re both having fun.

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