A New Engine

We are a sailboat. We are excellent sailors. One of the reasons we are excellent sailors is because the diesel on Forbidden Planet is an 8 hp Yanmar. While it is an incredibly reliable little engine it is woefully underpowered. So if the wind dies and we have to turn it on, we pray that the tide isn’t going against us. Against a foul tide and waves we’ve been known to go backwards. Backwards usually isn’t the way you want to go. So every time we have to turn on the diesel, the Pirate Guy makes mutterings about a new diesel. The Keeper of the Books makes mutterings about no way.

Did I mention that compared to a lot of people post-hurricane we were better off? We still have a boat. One day we’re hanging out in the clubhouse/shack and checking out the bulletin board. As if surrounded by a neon light is a new sign. “Gently used 18 hp Yanmar from s/v Kahlua”. Turns out that poor little Kahlua did not fare the hurricane well. Even though she was on the hard, after being crushed by a bigger boat the insurance company wrote her off. So for not much money, we score a 4 year old diesel. Yippeee!!!!! Yeeehhaaaaa!!!!! Break out the rum! And at a price that makes the Keeper of the Books very happy. Especially when I sell the old diesel on ebay!

Adios old Yanmar.

You know, without the engine there is an incredible amount of space inside. All filled with scunge. Cleaning the engine pan of 27 years worth of oil and grease was a job that I hope to never repeat.

Once the engine is out and the pan is cleaned, we look and realize, hey isn’t that a 27 year old metal fuel tank? Realizing that we will never see this much clear space again, and realizing that, hell just do everything now, we replace the fuel tank.

Of course there’s also the new thru-hulls and seacocks for the cockpit drains. Do everything is our new motto.

In comes the new. It’s so shiny and clean. We spend a whole evening sitting and staring at the diesel. Proud new owners.

We discuss wakeboards, waterskiis, and the ability to move at hull speed.

Can’t wait.

Once she’s in place the only thing left is the engine alignment and may I say, that is truly a job from hell.

The new engine is now in place. All that’s left is a bit of wiring, and then once the boat is in the water, another engine alignment.

Stay tuned to find out how fast we move.

Finally, the refit is done…

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