Sailing 101

Avast me hearties, haul the mizzen, run the jib and turn off, there’s a leeshore on starbord!


Sailing is like learning a foreign language. Here’s a little help.

Sailing directions
Beam reach versus dead in the water.

Basic sailboat terms.
Spot the gooseneck.

How a sail works

Spinnakers 101
Sheets, guys, downhauls, huh? An explanation of the “chute”.

Tacking and Jibing
Jibe ho! Duck!

Right of Way
Rules of the road

When you’re hanging on the end of a rope, that knot had better be good.

Signal Flags
You don’t have SSB, your VHF is on the fritz, and you’re trying to ask your neighbours over for sundowners, what do you do? Easy. Use your code flags…

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  1. Whitney says:

    All of these posts are great for beginners… Your really nailed all the basics! I love it!

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