Sailing In Spanish

Watch out for the botalón (boat-ah-LONE)!!! Botalón or boom is a noun, they’re here. Verbs are here. The four letter words that sailors have been known to use, you know, like when the botalón just hit you on the head and you dropped your winch handle overboard at the same time as the boat decided to round up, aren’t anywhere on this page. Those words don’t need translation.

This list is a good starting place. If your Spanish is already good, try a Spanish nautical dictionary like:

Principales Términos Náuticos


anchor ancla ahn-CLA
anchorage anclaje ahn-CLA-hay
battery bateria bah-tear-REE-ah
beam manga MAHN-ga
bilge sentina sen-TEEN-ah
boat barco BARK-oh
boat hook bichero beach-AIR-o
boom botalón boat-ah-LONE
bow proa PRO-ah
bowsprit bauprés bow-pr-EHS
buoy boya BOW-ya
captain capitán cap-ee-TAAN
chain cadena ca-DAY-na
chainplate cadenote kay-deh-NO-teh
chart carta CAR-ta
cleat tojino toe-HEE-noh
cockpit bañera baa-NEEYER-a
compass brujula BRU-who-la
cotter pin pasador abierto pass-a-DOOR ab-ee-AIR-toe
crew tripulante tree-pew-LAN-teh
customs aduana ah-DWAY-nah
deck cubierta coo-bee-AIR-ta
depth hondura on-DUR-ra
diesel gasoil gas-OIL
dinghy lanchita lan-CHEE-tah
dock muelle MWAYE-yea
draft calado kah-LAH-doh
electric electrico el-LEK-tri-koh
engine motor moh-TOR
exhaust escape es-KAH-peh
fender defensa de-FENCE-sah
fiberglass fibra de vidrio FEE-bra de VID-rio
flag bandera bahn-DAY-ra
fuse fusible foo-SEE-blay
gasket junta HOON-ta
gasoline gasolina gas-oh-LEAN-ah
gauge medidor may-dee-DOOR
generator generador hey-ney-ra-DOOR
glue pegamento pay-gah-MEN-toh
grease grasa GRAH-sah
harbour puerto PWAIR-toe
harbourmaster capitán de puerto cap-ee-TAAN de PWAIR-to
hatch escotilla es-co-TEE-ya
head (toilet) inodoro een-oh-DOOR-oh
hose mangera mahn-GAIR-ah
hull casco KAH-skoh
impeller impeledór eem-peh-leh-DOOR
injector inyectores een-yeck-TOOR-ace
insurance seguros say-GOO-ros
jib foque FO-ck
keel quilla KEY-ya
knot nudo NOO-doh
length eslora es-LORE-ah
line linea LEE-nay-ah
mast palo, mastil PAY-lo, mah-STEEL
mechanic mecánico may-CAH-nee-co
mizzen mesana may-SA-na
oil aceite ah-say-EE-tay
outboard fuera borda FWAIR-ah BOOR-da
pistons pistones pee-STOW-nes :.
propane propano pro-PAH-no
propeller hélice HAY-lee-say
pulpit balcón bal-CON
pump bomba BOHM-ba
repair reparación ray-par-ah-SEE-on
rigging járcia HAR-see-ah
rope soga SO-ga
rubber goma GO-ma
rudder oja de timón OH-ha day tee-MOAN
rust óxido OAK-see-doh
sail vela VAY-la
sailboat barco de vela BARK-oh de VAY-la
seacock llave de toma YAH-veh de TOE-ma
seasick mareado MA-ree-ah-doh
shackle grillete gree-YET-eh
sparkplug bujía boo-HEE-ya
spreader cruceta crew-SAY-ta
stanchion candelero can-de-LAIR-o
starboard Estribor ess-tri-BORE
stay soporte de mastil so-POOR-the de ma-STEEL
stern popa PO-pa
tack virar vee-RAH-r
tank tanque TAHN-kay
tiller timón tee-MOAN
trade winds alisios ah-LEES-e-os
turnbuckle tensor ten-SORE
valve valvula val-VWAY-la
volt vóltios VOLT-ee-os
wheel rueda roo-AY-da
winch manivela mahn-ee-VAY-la
yacht yate YAY-te


to lower arriar are-ee-ARE
to reef rizar re-SAR
to tack virar vee-RAR
to luff orzar or-SAR
to hoist izar ee-SAR
to slack lascar las-CAR
to sheet cazar ca-SAR
to anchor anclar an-CLAR
to steer llevar el timón YAH-var el -tee-MOAN
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