The 4 Knot Bodyski

Sure we could turn on the engine and go faster. But sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to go faster. We’re not in a rush and after all, the journey is just as important as the destination. So some days we ghost along on a whiff of a breeze, watching the fish swimming by, just being happy.

On one of these days, we were floating along the Bahama Bank (75 miles, 12 feet deep), when we decided to have some fun. As if we weren’t already!

How to do the Bodyski:

Tie a long rope to the stern rail. Make sure it’s tied really securely (use a bowline). Always leave one person on board – make sure it’s someone who could turn the boat around if necessary. Jump overboard and grab the rope.

4 knots may not seem fast, but from the vantage point in the water, watching the boat slip away, it’s way too fast to swim.

Be nice and you might even be allowed back on board.

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