The Evolution of Sailorgirl

cs15Once upon a time, in

a land far up north, 2 desperately cold Canadians boarded a plane and traded in the snow for 2 weeks at a resort in Freeport, Bahamas. Every morning they wandered across the road to the local marina for coffee. They looked at the boats bobbing in the blue water. They saw boats with flags from all over the world. A light bulb went off in his head.

“We should buy a boat and sail down here”, he said.
“Yes dear” she replied, patting him on the head, thinking it would pass.

Back in the tundra up north, while driving through the countryside he spied IT. He looked, and looked, and waited and then bought IT, the first boat. IT is a 1969 CS15 Caprice, a rugged little dinghy that is a perfect learning boat. He knew something about sailing, she bought a book. Every weekend they trailered it to local lakes, rigged it up and floated around. It was nicknamed Nuka Hiva, after an island in the Marquesas.

“One day we’ll sail our boat there”, he said.
“Yes dear”, she replied, patting him on the head, thinking it would pass.

The trouble with sailing in the frozen north is that it’s just that – frozen for most of the year.

“Let’s buy a bigger boat and sail in the warm blue water”, he said.

She looked outside at the greyness and thought of sunshine. She remembered how much fun it is to float gently on the water.

She realized he was a pretty smart guy.

Sailorgirl was born.

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