The evil Vargas took one look at Thunderball Cave and knew it was the perfect place to hid stolen nuclear missiles. But he didn’t reckon on James Bond saving the day. The making of the movie Thunderball was the biggest event in Staniel Cay and they’re still telling the stories. Vargas was right, it’s worth the visit.

First, pack some bread or pasta in a baggie for fish food.

Then, wait ’til low tide, then swim under the rocky outcropping. Take note Sailorgirls, always send him in first (as bait) to see if it’s safe.

The top of the cave has openings allowing sunlight to pour into the cave and light up the thousands and thousands of fish who want your plastic wrapped offering. They are not shy. They surround you and brush up against you so that you’re swimming in a yellow cloud of fins. They also know what baggies are for and some of the don’t bother waiting for you to open the bag.


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