and it’s a wrap! DONE!

30 30 2016 done


My 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days is officially done. Wow. So much fun. From my huge heap of sketchbooks, doodles and scribbles I made 30 new pieces of jewelry. For some of the designs I played with new shapes of glass beads (hello crystals!), some involved new colourways, some were new jewelry designs. There were some days that I came in full of ideas only to find that while it was brilliant in my head in real life, not so much. Other days something completely unexpected popped up. All in all it was a very satisfying adventure. The other thing I have found out? Once you get going on this you can’t stop. There are SOOO many ideas that I didn’t even get started on. It’s like a wheel going downhill, once started there is no stopping.

To see a recap of the pieces, click here.

All of the pieces will be up in the store (at a reduced price) until midnight June 3. After that some of them will make their way into the permanent collection. Not sure yet which ones. And then I will write up a full recap of whole challenge.

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2 Responses to “and it’s a wrap! DONE!”
  1. Susan McEvoy says:

    No, not done … Well done! Always a pleasure to see what you cook up in your 30 day challenge and the chance to pick up some new goodies too! I will miss checking in to see what you made that day.

  2. Elizabeth Starr says:

    I get so excited for your emails and your enthusiasm of your travels and the passion that goes into your jewellery !!!
    The 30 day challenge is my most fun one to look forward to!!!
    You are infectious to my well being , thank you girl !!!!!

    From one awesome girl to another Lizzy

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