and the May 2016 winner is…

may winner

At the beginning of May I was starting my 30 Day challenge and I was wondering, what colour combinations were you thinking of this spring/summer? Not surprisingly there was a lot of green in your answers. I get that, it’s all those new leaves showing up. Like me, many of you liked the soft colours of spring, pinks, and purples, like the flowers around us. Here’s a combination I meant to make during the challenge but didn’t get around to, so this will be happening later in June. Nautical navy blue and red with touches of white. Allie suggested this, can’t you just see what great jewelry this will be? Allie wins a pair of polka dot earrings in these colours. I’ll post photos of them when they’re done!


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  1. Ali says:

    I am very interested in the nautical navy, red and white. I buy everything I see in navy these days, it is so popular. Have you had time to experiment with these colours?

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