and the winner is…

Barbara Roberts!!!

For my October giveaway Barbara wins a pair of my Ocean earrings, which will look stunning when she travels to the Mendosa region of Argentina to tour the wine country! How cool would that be?

Speaking of cool places to travel you do have dreams don’t you? The most popular dream destination amongst you is the Greek Islands. I’ve always dreamed of these. I see myself pulling up on my white sailboat to a dock in a small village. We’ll tuck in amongst a few other sailboats and the local fishing fleet. As we step off we’ll pass groups of fishermen mending nets and drinking retsina. We’ll wander along the wharf until a particular taverna calls us in. Sitting at a rough wooden table we’ll order a jug of wine, a plate of olives and a plate of fried fish. We’ll dip hunks of bread into garlicky dips as the bouzoukis play in the background and the locals stroll in for their evening gathering.

Oh wait, where was I? Other popular destinations include the Galapagos, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. Yes please, I’d like to go to all of these. Australia and New Zealand are on my “already visited and would love to revisit list”. I love Australia not only for it’s spectacular beaches and great weather, also because they have the weirdest animals on the planet. There was definitely some wine involved before wombats or platypus’ (platypi? Platypuses? What is the plural of platypus?) were created. Did they run out of parts? Watching hundreds of kangaroos hop across a sun-drenched desert is a sight everyone should see. The outback is where I first learnt to really look closely at my surroundings. Sometimes where there appears to be nothing, there’s really something going on. I enjoyed your answers to my question of where do you dream of visiting. Keep the dreaming going. More importantly, buy a plane ticket. The world is a big wide wonderful place, explore it well.

ps. can’t you just see me here?

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