Announcing! 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days! The 2014 edition.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

After a creative hiatus (vacation) I’ll be back in the studio soon! And after a lovely relaxing break I’m ready to hit the ground running!

As I wander along seashores, float on the ocean and visit new places I’m beginning to see everything as potential jewelry. I need to make some of these designs as my brain is running out of space.

Last year, I began the year with a 30 day challenge – 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days. It was fun. It was a lot of work. Some days were really easy and my designs almost made themselves. Other days I spent hours and hours and hours trying to make something that I could see in my mind only to find out that in reality it was really ugly.

I’m using this years challenge as a way to kick off my 2014 show season. The challenge will begin on May 1. Every day I’ll post a photo of what I made that day. The photos will be posted here on the blog, on my facebook page, and on Instagram.

Each piece will be a listed in the online store at a very reduced price. Some of these designs will make it into the permanent collection. Some will not. Most will be one of a kind so when they are gone they are gone.

Beginning May 1, 2014. 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days.

If you want to see a recap of the 2013 30/30 work, it’s here.

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  1. Wendy says:

    So excited for you!

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