another view in life
sometimes it’s important to remember that there’s always another view in life. once a week i step away from the studio, put down the glass, and feel the wind in my hair. of course this gives me a great chance to stare at the sky and look at the clouds, i’ve got a thing about clouds at the moment. i keep thinking about the silver lining… how to make jewelry of clouds with a silver lining… when the skipper calls for a tack thoughts of clouds retreat as the crew readies, calls aye and the boat turns on the other tack. can’t fixate on beads as i grind the winch to haul in the foresail, all i can think about is getting the sail trimmed just right so that the ticklers are flying and we get that extra 1/10 of a knot of boat speed, it’s a race and winning is good. the best thing about being in first place is the spectacular view behind… blue water and pretty sails…
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