another view

today was just an unfortunate day. my espresso machine at home is broken and in the “espresso machine hospital” so there was no morning caffeine. my bike tires weren’t properly inflated and made cycling that dang hill to the studio even harder. i made oodles of phone calls and no one was there. my computer has a virus. blah blah blah. and then an email came through, “who’s up for a sail tonight?”.

no. not me. i. have. work. to. do. i’m so behind. no. can’t. must work.


that’s kind of dumb isn’t it. after all, isn’t this what sailorgirl is all about, sailing? but really, it’s not just about sailing. it’s about enjoying the moment right now. living the dream be it on a boat, or a bike, or a hiking trail, or where ever. and the dream sometimes means to put down the stupid work stuff because the work stuff can wait. really it can, it won’t go away. tomorrow i can go back and maybe then i can make things better.

and so i went sailing and it was spectacular. the wind was fluky and wierd making the sail challenging. we didn’t race, we sailed the inner harbour and watched a couple of races. the clouds were AMAZING!!! there were huge dark grey masses and tall white puffy clouds, when the sky cleared at sunset we were bathed in golden light. we laughed, drank wine and snacked on great food. there was a bike ride home under the stars (ok, only 2 stars, it is an urban bike trail).

it was a great reminder, there is another view in life. you just have to remember to look.

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