je pense… i think, therefore i am. loved the Rodin museum, not only because of the sculpture but because of the setting. the building, the hotel brinon was a small scale, beautiful building where rodin created the work and is now a showcase. the bronzes are placed throughout the gardens. the thinker is in the rose garden where there are lovely benches placed to view the sculptures. 
the Water Lily murals were breath taking. are you getting tired of all my breath taking moments? but these, oh my. there are 2 rooms, each with 4 murals that are 2 metres by 12 metres. if you thought that pretty picture in a book of the Water Lilies was nice? well, imagine an oval room with a total of 48 metres of water lilies in them. 

as if our brains weren’t quite full enough, we stopped in at the Musee D’Orsay because it was open late tonight and was just across the Seine from Musee de L’Orangerie (with the Water Lilies) and found a complete room of Van Gogh. OMG. Mon Dieu. I had no idea. I have seen the books. I have seen the occasional painting. But this… dozens of paintings. OMG. The colours. 

The above images of the Water Lilies and The Bedroom at Arles are from Neither museum allowed photography. Flash photography damages the artwork and ALL museums prohibit the use of flash. While most people are respectful I find it seriously disturbing the number of people who are not and use their flash. Even more disturbing is the number of people who march up to a painting and without even taking the time to look, point their camera and take pictures. Then there is the tourist pose, “oh look at me, I saw the XXX (name the painting). But really, they didn’t actually see it. They took pictures of it. I have stood in front of paintings where there are 40 people all jostling to get the best photo. Why not take the time to look at the art and then go to the gift shop? The professionals take much better photos and there won’t be any tourist photobombers in the shots. Being in 2 museums that forbid photography completely was refreshing. I was able to look at a painting without the sound of cameras going off. Without being asked to “take my photo please” and having a dozen cameras shoved at me. Without being asked to move aside so someone could smile in front of the XXX painting. Fellow tourists, stop and look at where you are. Enjoy the moment. Buy the postcard later. But LOOK at what is in front of you. 

OK. Rant over. I loved what I saw today. All 3 of these museums are on my must return to list. It’s going to be a busy week next week. 

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