August 2016 giveaway

silver shell necklace by sailorgirl jewelry

Can you believe how hot this summer is? I’m loving it! I’m also incredibly thankful for the kick ass air conditioning system in the studio because sitting in front of a flame in this heat would be unbearable without it. I’m also thankful that I live close to Lake Ontario and can go and sit on the waterfront. Somehow just sitting by the water makes everything so much cooler doesn’t it? So what do you do to cool off when the temperature skyrockets? How do you chill out?

This month I’m giving away one of my silver Shell necklaces, becasue it reminds me of seashores and cool water. A winner will be drawn at random on September 1.

To enter the giveaway: leave a comment below and tell me your favourite place to chill in the heat.

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16 Responses to “August 2016 giveaway”
  1. Jacqueline says:

    I walk down to Lake Ontario and dip my feet in for a few minutes! Very refreshing.

  2. Pat says:

    Chillin’ boat side anywhere. Anywhere

  3. Nicole Tal says:

    My favourite place to chill in at Balmy Beach with a cool cup of Ed’s Real Scoop! Love these summer days!

  4. Carol Auld says:

    My favourite place to chill out in this 40 degree Celsius Toronto humidity is at the fabulous pool in the new YMCA on Cherry Street. (hey, not many people know about this gorgeous, brand-new facility yet, so it is not crowded). The water is temperate, they have all kinds of water weights and other equipment to splash around with and the facility is clean and comfortably air-conditioned.

  5. Heather McGregor says:

    Favourite place to chill is our backyard in the gorgeous town of Goderich! Huge umbrellas for shade, pool to cool off and outdoor kitchen with ice cold beverages!

  6. Donna Kay says:

    Nothing beats the heat like a relaxing sail on beautiful Lake Huron. When the breeze stops blowing it’s time to drop the hook and dive on in to the sparkling clean, cool water. My favourite place to chill in the heat……on board our sailboat afloat in Lake Huron….without question.

  7. Kristen Ferris says:

    at the beach – looking for beach glass treasures!

  8. Lynne Smith says:

    Favourite place to chill is my shady back garden by the pond by day, in the wicker rocker on my fromt porch in the evening.
    Speaking of colours, Katherine, how about some pinks, purples and sky blues?

  9. Tania Tessier says:


    My favourite place to chill in the summer is on my front porch swing. It is a beautiful spot filled with flowers, the view of birds and a light breeze. My perfect haven in the summer… :)

    Enjoy your August Catherine!!

  10. Debi Sweet says:

    Hi Catherine! Just gazing at your gorgeous jewellery with it’s oh-so-summery blues and greens makes me feel cool, like I’m at the beach. However, if I need to chill even more, I float around in my swimming pool with a tall, cold summery drink, my floppy hat and big sunglasses. Of course, wearing your beautiful jewellery always makes me think of summer – I love it all!

  11. Rhonda Scholtz says:

    Hi Catherine!

    Right now, I love to hang out at the beautiful beach in Goderich, and chill out under a shady tree, watching the boats go by, enjoying an icecream cone, sometimes staying long enough to watch the gorgeous fiery sunsets on the water!! However, if it’s winter, the place I love most to chill out is in the BVI’s, sailing around the islands, enjoying a tropical beverage, and taking in the gorgeous turquoise and aquamarine caribbean waters. The colours of which match my Sailorgirl jewelry, and always brings the BVI’s close to me wherever I am, no matter what time of year!!

  12. Jane Chevous says:

    Favourite place to chill has to be swimming off the boat in a little cove anywhere off Baja California..still in a hot dusty boatyard at the moment,sweating into the paint!

  13. Susan McEvoy says:

    That’s easy, the lake at the cottage!

  14. Ali Hird says:

    I am not a huge fan of the humidity but my favourite time to chill is at night when I can turn off the A/C and open the windows to welcome in a cool breeze and listen to the tree frogs singing.

  15. Jessica eapen says:

    My fav place to chill is at an ice cream shop!

  16. Sandra Czarnik says:

    Just like chilling on my deck, drink in hand, looking out over Georgian Bay.

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