back from the beyond

if only they could talk…
2 years ago at the beaches arts and crafts show melanie (a very loyal sailorgirl jewelry customer) saw a purple pendant i had made. melanie loves purple. so i made this purple charm bracelet for her. it’s fabulous. it wouldn’t have occured to me to make purple, sometimes some of my great work is a collaborative effort between me and my customers. so i packed it up with great care and sent it off thinking of how much she would love this bracelet. days go by, more days go by and the bracelet didn’t arrive. it vanished somehow into thin air. i ship a lot of jewellery and this is the one and only item that has just plain vanished. so i made another bracelet which did arrive.
fast forward to june 14 2008, again at the beaches arts and crafts show. melanie shows up at my booth with a big look on her face. like a magician she reaches into her bag… and poof! there’s the original bracelet. it was delivered to her on june 13, 2 years late! the package had tire tracks on it, it was a seriously sad package. but the bracelet was intact and shiny!
so where did this spend the past 2 years? did it travel the world? visit far off lands? languish in a dusty corner of a basement? if only they could talk.
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