back to being a worker bee

my my, i blink and kaboom! i’m back to sailorgirl jewelry not just plain sailorgirl. although i don’t really know how it happened it appears to be june. and i appear to be not on my sailboat in the middle of nowhere but in my brand new home studio. and i appear to have a HUGE list of things that i am supposed to do.

this is always a bit of a problem for those of us who lead double lives – the switch over period is a bit … chaotic … wierd … confusing. the upside to all of this chaos is that i am never bored, there is simply no time for boredom. if anything i am exhausted because there is just so much stuff to do! and almost all of it (except for the unpacking and laundry and filing taxes) is fun and i just want to stay up all night and do it all! so i pour a glass of wine and play and then forget to sleep. oops.

i shall post later about the last of the sailing trip. all i can say now in a short blurb is that we had 5 days of paradise, perfect wind, perfect weather, perfect everything. for 5 days we floated with the sails full, the autopilot on, the dolphins playing and the sun shining.

now my brand new home studio is going through the setting up pains (not really pains, more just hiccups) and i’m trying madly to create all the 1000’s of images running through my brain. if only i didn’t have to sleep! or spend time doing taxes!

i spent a lot of time this year staring at small things, like bug wings (did you ever really really look at a bugs wing?) and flower petals… i must create these in glass and silver….

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