back to school? work? panic?

ok, i admit, it’s been a while since i was in school. but there still exists this inherent fear of labour day weekend. productivity was nil during the last week of august and i just plain old didn’t care, because it didn’t matter. it was the last week of august. no one else was working so why would i?

i meant to do a whole bunch of stuff on labour day weekend, but it was a weekend and it turned out to be the nicest weekend of the summer. i thought i’d hide and reorganize my studio and finish all the baggies and bins of half-done work. well, that lasted until the first friend walked through the front door. i spent the entire weekend on the porch, staring into space and chatting, drinking wine, gossiping, drinking tea, eating, doing the things that labour day weekend makes you do.

i woke tuesday morning with a vicious sense of purpose. stay tuned.

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