beachcombing day!
Yay! it’s a beachcombing day!  Cayo Costa on the west coast of Florida is a national park that I will forever think of as “pig beach”. When I first came here there were wild pigs. Well, wild might be a big of a misnomer. Since so many day trippers on boats come here, the pigs were very familiar with the concept of a “picnic hamper” and leftovers. They were actaully what is known on most islands as garbage pigs. Cruisers save their garbage and they are a natural disposal unit. Woe be the visitor who leaves a lunch on the beach to go off on a wander.
Unfortunately the pigs are no longer here. They blew away in the last hurricane. I do wonder where they landed and hope there’s a lot of garbage for them wherever they are.  

West coast Florida is known for it’s shelling. All those shells and stuff down in the reefs of Belize and Honduras get caught up in the Gulf Stream and swept here. True collectors check for low tide and it can get really competitive. Me, I’m just wandering and looking. 

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