bead fuel

this is my bead fuel.
maybe it’s the british in my background coming through, there’s nothing like a good cup of tea. thanks to a gifting from my fabulous sister who’s visiting, i’m fully stocked in great loose leaf teas. tea bags? bah, no. it must be quality loose leaf. the water must be at a rolling boil. the teapot must be warmed. a black or green tea must be steeped for exactly 3 minutes. ahhhhh…..
today i am favouring the cream earl grey for the morning pot. afternoons we prefer the lady grey. mid-mornings and mid-afternoon i like the flavoured green teas, like a peach green or my new papaya green. tea bags are acceptable IF you make your own with the loose leaf teas. yes, i am a total tea snob.
this current quantity of tea might account for why the beads are very free form today. yeeehhhaaaa caffeine overdose!
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