beautiful mosaic to be

sometimes bad stuff happens, like you keep the bead out of the flame just a few seconds too long or you work on one side of the bead and forget to keep the other side warm and it cracks. sometimes you experiment with new colours and they are uncooperative. sometimes a new design isn’t quite as brilliant as it was in your mind. and sometimes a bead is just too fugly to be allowed out in public. whatever, as a beadmaker you end up with a big pile of wonky, cracked, fugly beads. i cannot throw these out, regardless of how bad they are these are way too many hours of my life. i’ve always thought it would be cool to melt them flat and make a garden bench out of them. somehow. very ancient greek meets sailorgirl. it’s on the project list, along with creating world peace and curing cancer. yes those are my expectations of finishing that list.

and then sometimes you see something that reminds you that maybe getting around to that list would be a good idea. like this bathroom, oooooohhhhhhhh….. wait, i really should melt these flat, break some more dishes and create a mosaic like this.

this is a bathroom to seriously covet. The Bathroom Wonderland

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  1. Kerri says:

    no kidding! they can never more out of that home now! :)

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