cd pinwheel 4
O Canada! new collection

Announcing, my limited edition O Canada! collection! Because 150 is something to celebrate isn’t it? O Canada! In these interesting times that we live in, I am so grateful that Canada is my home. On July 1, 2017 I shall…

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blue n4
day 3 of Wonder Week

Day 3 and I came up with 4 pieces. There was meant to be another one, in my mind it was fantastic, stunning, gorgeous. Sometimes my mind and reality don’t match. In reality, the lovely lime earrings were…. not lovely….

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sunshine n4
wonder week day 2!

Day 2 and I came up with 5 pieces again. Every day for one week I will post new jewelry using only beads I currently have on my bench. Some days I’ll make one piece, some days I’ll make 10…

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br b3
Wonder Week is on!

Oh boy! My first day of my first Wonder Week is up! Every day for one week I will post new jewelry using only beads I currently have on my bench. Some days I’ll make one piece, some days I’ll…

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june 2017 giveaway
a special giveaway

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Canada Happy birthday to you. Coming soon, (by June 15), a special limited edition Oh Canada collection to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday! To get started on this party this…

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the spring giveaway winner is…
the spring giveaway winner is…

Thank you SOOOO much for your feedback on social media last time! I read a lot of business magazines and websites and sometimes I get overwhelmed and think I should be jumping on the next bandwagon. However just because there’s…

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wonder week

As I ran into my studio the day after returning home I had one focus, make new work!!! I have a sketchbook full of ideas and 3 shows in the next 3 weeks! Make new work! Make more beads! Find…

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bahama blue ocean earrings by sailorgirl jewelry
spring giveaway 2017

I have a question for you this month my amigos and I would REALLY appreciate your feedback. What social media platforms do you use on a regular basis? Currently I use Facebook and Instagram, however I’ve been asked a few…

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bimini blue 2
the bluest of blues

This my friends is where the bluest of blue lives, in Bimini, Bahamas. This is where I come to recharge my colour batteries for blue. I have thousands of photos of this water in an effort to capture how blue…

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giveaway at sailorgirl jewelry
February 2017 giveaway!

When I’m wandering around down here on my adventures I spend a lot of time pondering. There is a lot of time to stare into space and contemplate the state of the universe and why chocolate is so delicious and…

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first giveaway of 2017!

New year, new years resolutions. Not. It seems silly to start a resolution just because of a calendar. If you want to change something, do it. I do however have several rituals that coincide with the new year. I do…

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mini snow queen pendant by sailorgirl jewelry
it’s all about the moments

They stood there, giant mountains of teenage boy hulks casting a shadow over the booth. Teenage boys on their own are an uncommon sight in my handmade glass jewelry booth. They are not my usual customer and on day 6…

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26 days to go! the OOAK diaries

Um… yikes!!! In just 28 days I’ll be standing in my booth at the One of a Kind welcoming you to my world. And in just 12 days I’ll be in my booth at Circle Craft in Vancouver. 12 DAYS!!!!…

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42 days to go! the OOAK diaries

NOOOO!!! How did this happen? I missed last weeks diary update and I blinked and it’s 16 days since the last diary update. And it brings us to 42 days until the OOAK! Even scarier, it is now 27 days…

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October 2016 giveaway!

Continuing on with the multicultural theme this month, the words Thank You. Two little words that carry so much meaning. To all of you I say Thank You for being such great amigos, for supporting my work and allowing me…

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winner! of the September 2016 giveaway
winner! of the September 2016 giveaway

Dia dhuit! Hola! Goeie dag! Halò! Konnichiwa! Hello! I LOVE all the fabulously different greetings! When you live in such a multicultural city as Toronto it’s important to be able to greet people in so many languages. From Swahili to Gaelic to Danish, just…

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58 days to go!

It was a week of sunshine and blue skies and ice cream. A week of “let’s go and sit on a patio and enjoy this because this might be the last nice day of the season”, and then I’d wake…

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2016 diaries – 68 days to go

Blink! Where does the week go? One reason I am doing this weekly diary is because it is forcing me to acknowledge just how much there is to do and that time is ticking. It is really hard to focus…

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water opal pendant by sailorgirl jewelry
September 2016 giveaway!

It is still hot hot hot and then more hot! I am so thankful for my excellent air conditioner in the studio! When you sit in front of a torch that is 1700 degrees the air con is a must….

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Winner! August 2016 giveaway

When we chatted last I was sitting in the sweltering heat thinking about where to go and chill out. You know what? It’s September 7 and it is 30 degrees today! This is crazy isn’t it? Looks like we’re going…

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77-days sailorgirl jewelry
2016 OOAK diaries – 77 days to go

Week 1 – 77 days to go The reality is setting in, it’s going to happen. There are 77 days until the Christmas One of a Kind show (an 11 day crafts show featuring over 800 artisans from across the…

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84 days until one of a kind show sailorgirl jewelry
84 days!

Guess what arrived in my inbox this week? An email i was too afraid to open for a few days. Because I knew, I knew without a doubt that opening that email was opening a pandoras box of busyness that…

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silver shell necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
August 2016 giveaway

Can you believe how hot this summer is? I’m loving it! I’m also incredibly thankful for the kick ass air conditioning system in the studio because sitting in front of a flame in this heat would be unbearable without it….

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winner july 2016

At the same time as doing a massive studio purge and clean up, I’m doing a home renovation as well! New kitchen! Almost, it’s not quite as fast as we had thought. So for a while I am living with…

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dog days
dog days of summer

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s sultry, hazy, languid, whatever you want to call it, it’s hot. These are the “dog days” of summer. I’ve always heard that expression, but then I wondered, why are they called dog days? Theory one…

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oh canada cluster earrings by sailorgirl jewelry
July 2016 giveaway

Picnics. It’s hot. Too hot to cook inside. And you know I mentioned home renovations? Well I currently don’t have a kitchen at home so there’s been a lot of picnics. I love filling a basket with yummies and biking…

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june winner
June 2016 winner

Over the past 3 shows one of the most frequent things I’ve heard is “oh, you have so much new work!” Why yes I do. It’s because I did that 30/30 challenge in May. I did promise you a blog post as…

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life is a beach necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
June 2016 giveaway

Help me out here people. As much as I love every single bead and piece of jewelry I make I can’t make all of them all the time. So I will continue to make those that others love too. What…

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may winner
and the May 2016 winner is…

At the beginning of May I was starting my 30 Day challenge and I was wondering, what colour combinations were you thinking of this spring/summer? Not surprisingly there was a lot of green in your answers. I get that, it’s…

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30 30 2016 done
and it’s a wrap! DONE!

YAY!!! YIPPPEEE!!! WOOHOOO!!! My 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days is officially done. Wow. So much fun. From my huge heap of sketchbooks, doodles and scribbles I made 30 new pieces of jewelry. For some of the designs…

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