oh canada cluster earrings by sailorgirl jewelry
July 2016 giveaway

Picnics. It’s hot. Too hot to cook inside. And you know I mentioned home renovations? Well I currently don’t have a kitchen at home so there’s been a lot of picnics. I love filling a basket with yummies and biking…

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june winner
June 2016 winner

Over the past 3 shows one of the most frequent things I’ve heard is “oh, you have so much new work!” Why yes I do. It’s because I did thatĀ 30/30 challengeĀ in May. I did promise you a blog post as…

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life is a beach necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
June 2016 giveaway

Help me out here people. As much as I love every single bead and piece of jewelry I make I can’t make all of them all the time. So I will continue to make those that others love too. What…

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may winner
and the May 2016 winner is…

At the beginning of May I was starting my 30 Day challenge and I was wondering, what colour combinations were you thinking of this spring/summer? Not surprisingly there was a lot of green in your answers. I get that, it’s…

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30 30 2016 done
and it’s a wrap! DONE!

YAY!!! YIPPPEEE!!! WOOHOOO!!! My 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days is officially done. Wow. So much fun. From my huge heap of sketchbooks, doodles and scribbles I made 30 new pieces of jewelry. For some of the designs…

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kickass coco necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 30 – the kickass Coco necklace

LAST DAY!!! I had planned on making a sweet little bracelet… and then something took over and I ended up with the absolutely kickass Coco necklace. It’s large. It’s killer bright. It’s a statement! Giant orbs of colour with silver…

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ocean crystal necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 29 – ocean crystal necklace

It’s a really hot day today and I thinking how nice a swim would be. Oh to float in crystal clear water. Instead I played with crystal shaped beads in deliciously cool water colours, light and refreshing. I love how…

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little lilac necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 28 – little lilac necklace

Biking to the studio should take me about 10 minutes. And it would, if it weren’t for the lilacs. The smell is so intoxicating that I have to stop and smell every bush I pass. This is a spectacular year…

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silver shell necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 27 – silver shell necklace

For many years now I have been on a mission, to find the perfect sea shell to cast as a necklace. I have spent hours (and days) wandering along seashores looking for just the right shape. I am fascinated by…

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Canada Day bracelet by Sailorgirl Jewelry
day 26 – Canada Day bracelet

Yes I am jumping the gun on this one. Every year I plan on making some super fun red jewelry for Canada Day and I ALWAYS forget. Ha! I debated on calling this one Picnic because it made me think…

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fiesta pinwheel necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 24 – fiesta pinwheel necklace

Think happy, think fiesta!!! Summer arrived today and everyone is running around looking like it’s party time! So I began with my fiesta colours and then spun them around until they made me happy. Because being happy is the only…

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cluster earrings by sailorgirl jewelry
day 23 – cluster earrings

Continuing on with yesterday’s Lilac Cluster necklace, today I made some lilac cluster earrings. And then I just couldn’t stop myself, I loved how much fun these are on so I made more colours that scream spring. Sky for the…

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lilac cluster necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 22 – the lilac cluster necklace

Is there anything quite as intoxicating as the smell of lilacs on a warm spring day? Biking around the city takes forever these days as I have to stop and smell every single lilac bush I come across. Those little…

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summer sky necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 21 – summer sky necklace

Today the sky was blue! Not a deep summertime blue, just a lovely light spring blue. That kicked off my playing with shades of sky blue, and then I added in some of my (current favourite) super pale crystal blues….

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hanging jewel necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 20 – the hanging jewel necklace

I’m still on my jewel kick, still thinking treasures and gems. I am in love with this new shape, it is like a giant chunk of candy-like gem goodness. Here I wanted to showcase this fantastic shape so I suspended…

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sunshine twirl necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 19 – sunshine twirl necklace

Today I am craving sunshine, bright orange noon day sun, early morning pale sun and late afternoon sunsets. Sunshine makes me happy. So today I made a fun, playful necklace of bright colours and whimsical silver twirls so that the…

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pink sapphire bracelet by sailorgirl jewelry
day 18 – the pink sapphire bracelet

Day 18 of my 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days brings a very different look for me, just one single colour! It’s hard for me to use a single colour however this pink sapphire was just too delicious…

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jewel earrings by sailorgirl jewelry
day 17 – jewel earrings

Arrr matey, twas a jewel of a day today, put me in the mood for some jewels to wear. Actually, the jewels are because I watched a pirate movie last night and when they opened that treasure chest, oh it…

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coco mini bead bracelet by sailorgirl jewelry
day 16 – the coco mini bead bracelet

Some days you just need simple, bright colour. That was today. It was a sunny day but cold cold cold and my Coco colourway was just the antidote to the chill. Tropical and happy. Now I feel better. Coco sat…

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day 15 – the snow queen crystal necklace
day 15 – the snow queen crystal necklace

Today marks the middle of my 30 day challenge! I gather a lot of my inspiration from my walk to the studio, checking out the gardens and parks and staring at the sky, this usually gives me the colours I…

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jewel sparkle slinky bracelet
day 14 – jewel sparkle slinky bracelet

Day 14 of my 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days. Continuing today with thoughts of treasures chests. Peridot, amethyst, emeralds, sapphires… gorgeous lovely sparkly jewels. I adore bright shiny gemstones, the bigger the better. If I were a…

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ocean at night earrings
day 13 – ocean at night earrings

Day 13 of my 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days. Above you is a bright moon and blinking stars, under your boat the water swirls and sparkles with the light of the moon . The air is salty,…

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water opal pendant by sailorgirl jewelry
day 12 – water opal pendant

Day 12 of my 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days. Yes, I admit it. I am obsessed with my new water opals. They are so much fun to make! The glass begins as clear and by playing with…

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sunshine twirl bracelet by sailorgirl jewelry
day 11 – the sunshine twirl bracelet

Day 11 of my 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days. The Sunshine Twirl bracelet. Yes! It’s sunny! Those were my first thoughts when I opened my eyes to a bright bedroom this morning. Sunshine makes life SO much…

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glacier earrings by sailorgirl jewelry
day 10 – the glacier earrings

Day 10 of my 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days! the glacier earrings! More playing with shapes! More thoughts of glaciers and icebergs and how they shimmer and sparkle and catch the light just so. What could be…

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water opals by sailorgirl jewelry
day 9 – the water opal necklace

day 9 of my 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days. the water opal necklace! Oh I am loving these water opals! Opals are my birthstone (October) and I love them because of the depth and shimmer. They have…

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glacier necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 8 – the glacier necklace

Recently I came across old photos of my visit to the Fox Glacier in New Zealand and I was remembering the spectacular colour and depth of the ice. They aren’t white. There’s a core of blue and a shimmer and…

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coco strand necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 7 – the coco strand necklace

You met Coco the other day. She’s the parrot who’s favourite word is “pretty! pretty! pretty!”. Her colouring was so fantastic, it’s candy and summer and happiness all rolled into one. Today I stayed within the Coco colourway and played…

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sea spray pendant
day 6 – the sea spray pendant

Day 6 of my 30 New Pieces of Jewelry in 30 Days – The sea spray pendant! Where the water meets the sand in the crash of a wave, and the spray flies in my face, that’s where my sea…

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