busy with the camera

not bad is it? you know, if you shoot enough of these they start to look okay. i’m busy busy busy taking shots to update the webstore. sigh. the webstore. when i first decided to sell online i researched shopping cart software, checked out various options, and got quotes from real developers. gulp. so i went with a simple system which turned out to be not so simple. then i discovered etsy.com. i LOVE etsy! i could spend days on it simply looking at the gorgeousness there. basically etsy is like the One of a Kind craft show online. it is 100% handmade work by tens of thousands of artists around the world. it’s brilliant! and so easy to use for sellers. so i set up an etsy store which made life so much easier. the one and only teeny weensy downside is that etsy, although they are filled with artists from around the world only deals in american dollars. this was not an issue when i went with this option last march. the canadian dollar was at par with the american. who knew the canadian dollar would tank again? ARGH! i’m a jewelry designer not an economist! so now i’m wondering how to do this. do i check the exchange rate daily and change all my prices, too complicated. do i make a random stab at a price and hope the exchange rate doesn’t change too much? do i ditch etsy and find another shopping cart system – oh god, way too complicated. i shall continue to ponder the dilemna as i shoot another couple of hundred photos.

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