calling all elves

once upon a time in a land far away…

as a kid i was a voracious reader and especially loved fairy tales. i remember a story (i think it might be grimm) of a shoemaker who was a very good shoemaker but couldn’t catch up. one night he left the leather out for some shoes and when he woke up the shoes were already made thanks to some elves.

hear this oh internet, if there are any elves reading this and looking to help out please feel free to visit my studio any night. not that i need help making things, i keep making and making. and then selling and selling. everytime i take a photo thinking i should post the item in the online store i go to a show and sell it. or someone calls up and asks for something that they saw in my booth.

i have 10 days before the next show. i vow to update this website, unless there’s a bored elf anywhere nearby.

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