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get uncomfortable
get uncomfortable

I sit at the precipice of this new year, balancing between the old decade and the new. It feel momentous. In the late part of 2019 I was so busy with life, running here and there, packing a house, clothes,…

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Crafting My Life

Once upon a time, in a land far up north, 2 desperately cold Canadians boarded a plane and traded in the snow for 2 weeks at a resort in Freeport, Bahamas. Every morning they wandered across the road to the…

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aug giveaway
august 2017 giveaway!

As a kid I liked ice cream, every kid likes ice cream. But I didn’t love it, I merely liked it. Several years ago my like for ice cream became a raging LOVE. It was all because of some boat…

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cd pinwheel 4
O Canada! new collection

Announcing, my limited edition O Canada! collection! Because 150 is something to celebrate isn’t it? O Canada! In these interesting times that we live in, I am so grateful that Canada is my home. On July 1, 2017 I shall…

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blue n4
day 3 of Wonder Week

Day 3 and I came up with 4 pieces. There was meant to be another one, in my mind it was fantastic, stunning, gorgeous. Sometimes my mind and reality don’t match. In reality, the lovely lime earrings were…. not lovely….

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sunshine n4
wonder week day 2!

Day 2 and I came up with 5 pieces again. Every day for one week I will post new jewelry using only beads I currently have on my bench. Some days I’ll make one piece, some days I’ll make 10…

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wonder week

As I ran into my studio the day after returning home I had one focus, make new work!!! I have a sketchbook full of ideas and 3 shows in the next 3 weeks! Make new work! Make more beads! Find…

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bimini blue 2
the bluest of blues

This my friends is where the bluest of blue lives, in Bimini, Bahamas. This is where I come to recharge my colour batteries for blue. I have thousands of photos of this water in an effort to capture how blue…

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giveaway at sailorgirl jewelry
February 2017 giveaway!

When I’m wandering around down here on my adventures I spend a lot of time pondering. There is a lot of time to stare into space and contemplate the state of the universe and why chocolate is so delicious and…

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first giveaway of 2017!

New year, new years resolutions. Not. It seems silly to start a resolution just because of a calendar. If you want to change something, do it. I do however have several rituals that coincide with the new year. I do…

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mini snow queen pendant by sailorgirl jewelry
it’s all about the moments

They stood there, giant mountains of teenage boy hulks casting a shadow over the booth. Teenage boys on their own are an uncommon sight in my handmade glass jewelry booth. They are not my usual customer and on day 6…

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42 days to go! the OOAK diaries

NOOOO!!! How did this happen? I missed last weeks diary update and I blinked and it’s 16 days since the last diary update. And it brings us to 42 days until the OOAK! Even scarier, it is now 27 days…

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October 2016 giveaway!

Continuing on with the multicultural theme this month, the words Thank You. Two little words that carry so much meaning. To all of you I say Thank You for being such great amigos, for supporting my work and allowing me…

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58 days to go!

It was a week of sunshine and blue skies and ice cream. A week of “let’s go and sit on a patio and enjoy this because this might be the last nice day of the season”, and then I’d wake…

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dog days
dog days of summer

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s sultry, hazy, languid, whatever you want to call it, it’s hot. These are the “dog days” of summer. I’ve always heard that expression, but then I wondered, why are they called dog days? Theory one…

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life is a beach necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
June 2016 giveaway

Help me out here people. As much as I love every single bead and piece of jewelry I make I can’t make all of them all the time. So I will continue to make those that others love too. What…

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30 30 2016 done
and it’s a wrap! DONE!

YAY!!! YIPPPEEE!!! WOOHOOO!!! My 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days is officially done. Wow. So much fun. From my huge heap of sketchbooks, doodles and scribbles I made 30 new pieces of jewelry. For some of the designs…

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silver shell necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 27 – silver shell necklace

For many years now I have been on a mission, to find the perfect sea shell to cast as a necklace. I have spent hours (and days) wandering along seashores looking for just the right shape. I am fascinated by…

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Canada Day bracelet by Sailorgirl Jewelry
day 26 – Canada Day bracelet

Yes I am jumping the gun on this one. Every year I plan on making some super fun red jewelry for Canada Day and I ALWAYS forget. Ha! I debated on calling this one Picnic because it made me think…

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glacier earrings by sailorgirl jewelry
day 10 – the glacier earrings

Day 10 of my 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days! the glacier earrings! More playing with shapes! More thoughts of glaciers and icebergs and how they shimmer and sparkle and catch the light just so. What could be…

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glacier necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 8 – the glacier necklace

Recently I came across old photos of my visit to the Fox Glacier in New Zealand and I was remembering the spectacular colour and depth of the ice. They aren’t white. There’s a core of blue and a shimmer and…

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coco strand necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
day 7 – the coco strand necklace

You met Coco the other day. She’s the parrot who’s favourite word is “pretty! pretty! pretty!”. Her colouring was so fantastic, it’s candy and summer and happiness all rolled into one. Today I stayed within the Coco colourway and played…

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30 30 2016
the 30 in 30 Challenge is back! May 1!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! After a creative hiatus (vacation) I am ALMOST back in the studio! And my brain is SO stuffed with ideas I think my head is going to explode! This is the fourth year I’m…

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nov 15
and the november 2015 winner is…

Oh that was a bad idea. We talked candy, Halloween candy. The past month with my 3 huge holiday shows was a tough one and a sugar fuelled one. Perhaps we should have talked about veggies because with all that…

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the world is your oyster necklace by sailorgirl jewelry
December 2015 giveaway!

DECEMBER GIVEAWAY As always at this time of year, I’m beginning my annual review. I look at what happened this year and I dream of what I want to happen in the upcoming year. It’s a time of reflection and…

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motorcyle in australia

Once upon a time, in a land far away, in an alternate universe,  I rode a motorcycle across Australia. It was hot, it was dusty and sometimes the distances were unbelievably long and boring. I loved it. The interior of…

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electric watermelon mini bead bracelet by Sailorgirl Jewelry
august 2015 giveaway!

August has to be one of the most delicious months! Hanging out at the fruit shop is such a feast for my eyes. Oh the strawberries! the raspberries! the mangoes! such amazing colours. Even better when they are turned into…

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30 2015 done by sailorgirl jewelry
the 30/30 challenge round up

Done! Check! Finito! Oh boy, that was a LOT of work! And I enjoyed every minute of it! (I lie, there were a few minutes that I didn’t enjoy as much, and those were coming up with names towards the…

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spring garden bracelet by sailorgirl jewelry
day 11 – the spring garden bracelet

Such a gorgeous day today as I rode my bike to the studio past all the lovely spring gardens! The pops of colour amongst all the light lovely greens was truly spectacular! Available here. Every day for the month of…

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cherry bloom pendant by sailorgirl jewelry
day 10 – the cherry blossom pendant

Day 10 of my 30 New Pieces of Jewelry in 30 Days. The cherry blossom pendant. Well it’s not hard to see where the inspiration from this comes from! Everywhere I turn the blossoms are out. My favourite is cycling…

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