Day 1 – mini bead bracelets

Today is Day 1 of my 30 in 30.

For the next 30 days I will make a new piece of jewelry every day. 
Some days I’ll make a few in the same style in different colours, that counts as one piece. Each piece will be listed in my online store at a very special price. Some of these may end up in my permanent collection, some will not. 

Once a piece is gone, that’s it. 

Today I created some mini bead bracelets. This was an excellent warm up for what is going to be a long bout of work. Mini beads are uber fun to make, just fire up the torch and work fast. I like fast. Because I was in the mood to limber up my fingers for the new year (and because I had a really great audiobook playing) I made a lot of mini beads. 

So for opening day, there are 7 different colours in one style. At a really great price that is definitely not going to be repeated. 

Available HERE!

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