Day 10 – Summer Day Necklace!!!

Oh boy!!!! Day 10, I’m into the double digits! One third of the way through my challenge. So far I still have oodles of inspiration. What I’m finding hard is taking the photos and listing the item. Photos are so much better in natural light but the window of opportunity is very small in January. I have about 90 minutes of perfect light, assuming that it’s a sunny day. No matter, I’m making it happen! 

And today was perfect for sunlight, so nice and bright. I know it’s winter but bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine are all it takes to make me happy. And colour. Lots of colour. Because I was i such a summery mood today I made a Summer Day necklace. This is a colour scheme I’ve been playing around with, I love the popsicle orange and fresh lime green.

Available here

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