day 13 – navajo spiral necklace

navajo spiral necklace by sailorgirl jewelry


Today I’m playing with shapes. The Navajo spiral necklace offers a rainbow of rich desert hues: squash, red, purple, turquoise, and avocado all swirled around and around.

This is day 13 of my 30 New Pieces of Jewelry in 30 Days challenge.

Available in the store. $65.00

Every day for the month of May I will create a new piece of jewelry. All pieces will be listed in my online store at a heavily discounted price. What I’m looking for here is feedback people. Some of my ideas are better than others. Let me know what you think. If you love something but think a different colour would be better, let me know! Longer? Shorter? Bigger? Let me know!

Some days I will create a single piece. Some days I’ll create a piece in several colours. Some of these will make it into the permanent collection but most will not. So if you see something you can’t live without, best to grab it now. (remember shipping is always free!)

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4 Responses to “day 13 – navajo spiral necklace”
  1. LMacL says:

    You asked for feedback so: I REALLY love this design (Navajo Spiral Necklace) — so different and so interesting. It really stands out. The only reasons why I’m not buying it is because I find it difficult to buy jewellery on-line since it often doesn’t look the way I expect (thank you for the photos showing size — they help a lot). (BTW, I have bought some of your jewellery on-line but only because I’ve seen it at your shows.) Also, the colours of this necklace don’t really work for me — I’d prefer all blues and greens or all reds and purples, just not the combo of so many colours. But I’m definitely going to look for similar designs at your next show and will hope this is a design that you’ll play with and make generally available in different colour combinations. Good luck with your May challenge — it definitely gives me a reason to check your Web site daily. THANK YOU!

    • sgirl says:

      wow, that is EXCELLENT feedback! this spiral design is one that i’m thrilled with and will definitely be part of the permanent collection. They are SO much fun to make! Naturally it will be available in blue and green since they are my favourite colours. I went with the navajo colours as an experiment in opaque colours and because sometimes i have to branch out of blue and green. I’m also going to do this in sunshine, all yellows and oranges. And who knows what else?

      • LMacL says:

        Glad the feedback was useful. Can’t wait to see your other spiral designs. Thanks for feedback on my feedback! ;)

  2. Holly Williams says:

    I bought it today.
    Whenever I wear sailorgirl I get comments – because of the colours.
    I am never disappointed on line or in person. If I grow tired of any jewellery I have bought – there is always someone who likes it and gains a new piece!!!!

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