DAY 30!!! A trio of bracelets…

Wow, I did it! I made 30 new pieces of jewelry in 30 days!!! And you know what, I still have loads of ideas floating around in my head and in my sketchbooks. So much so that I couldn’t decide what to make for the last day. I wanted to finish up with a really big piece and I’ve been playing around with something that I’m calling the garden necklace. However, like many things, this was way better in my head than in reality. So it’s still not done. That left me stumped. I admit that these bracelets aren’t that challenging but today I just felt like some colour. There’s a major snowstorm outside and I am dreaming of my upcoming sailing adventure. Therefore today I made the spun ocean bracelet, the summer day mini bead bracelet and the sunshine bracelet. 

And DONE!!!

The ocean spun bracelet is here.

The summer day mini bead bracelet is here.

And the sunshine bracelet is here

And now I shall sit back and celebrate a good months work. 

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