delicious "research"

When it comes to bead making and jewelry design, major source of inspiration for me is food. I love food. I love grocery shopping, I love cooking, I love eating. It’s all good. Wandering a veggie store is pure eye candy, check out the mangoes at the moment, and the raspberries, and oh, the thai eggplants, wow. I’d like to re-introduce you to one of my favourite series, the M&Ms. I’d made a bit of this several years ago and then forgotten about them. (I really have to take more photos of my work before it goes to it’s new home). While in my booth at Fairy Lake Festival last week a customer came in wearing one of the M&Ms bracelets. It was awesome! So in the name of research I spent some time studying M&Ms this week. I also studied Smarties to see if there is a difference. The colour of M&Ms is much nicer, far more intense especially in the blues.

So far I’ve made 2 styles of M&M bracelets, a single strand and a double. I’m wondering about making a triple.

Now I want to make an M&M necklace. Guess I’ll need to study some more! Oh the things I do for my art.

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