It’s one thing to think about what you want for dinner tonight, it’s another to think about what to have for dinner in 2 months time.
Anticipated launch day is tomorrow. We should leave the dock within 2 days. From there we don’t quite know where we’ll end up so we don’t know if there will be a grocery store. Or what the quality of the store will be. So we leave with enough food aboard for the trip. Hence the question of what do you want for dinner 4 Thursdays from now?

When we were in Staniel Cay in the Bahamas I was excited to learn there were 2 grocery stores!!! There is the pink store and there is the blue store. Several years later when we return Staniel Cay is booming enough to have a third store – the yellow store!

There’s a couple of really important things that have to be done when storing several months worth of food aboard. First, through away all cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes can house icky bugs like cockroaches. And they take up way too much space. Next take a permanent marker and write on the top of each can. Paper labels have a habit of coming off. Nothing like a mystery meal. A sailing buddy of mine hitched a ride across the Atlantic on a large sailboat crewed by 3 other guys. None of them were very interested in cooking so they lived out of cans. Unfortunately the canned goods locker got flooded and all the labels floated off. So every meal they opened 4 cans and had a mystery meal. Spinach and peaches, peas and baked beans, 30 days of mystery meals. Me, I like to know what I’m getting so I know what colour wine to pour!

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