Dear everyone who thought they might stop by my showroom today,

umm… it’s sunny, blue sky and GORGEOUS outside! I know I promised to there every Friday but hey, this is the first spectacular spell of weather and I must sit outside and eat ice cream. It’s my mission. This weeks NOW magazine reviews Toronto’s top 10 ice cream and to 10 gelato spots in town. I’ve decided it would be a worthwhile mission to try them all. I’ve already got a head start as I’ve been to #1 (Cream) and #3 (Eds Real Scoops) as they’re in my ‘hood. How convenient. Today’s spot is Leonidas – oh boy! So I’ll apologize now if you go to the showroom and I’m not there. But seriously you do not want to stand between me and a dark chocolate gelato. Or maybe a banana with almond praline brittle…

yummmmm… butterscotch ripple…

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