i’m feeling flowers and leaves. random doodling from one of my notebooks, the actual “sketchbook”. different from my design notebook, my to do notebook, my writing notebook and my travel notebook. boy do i love notebooks. it’s a bit of a problem, i think i need a 12 step program, “hi my name is catherine and i am a notebook addict”. i’ve been very good all summer, i bought myself a small bag that only fit my wallet, keys, phone, camera and one notebook. now that it’s fall i’m back to my jumbo knapsack and the notebooks seem to have multiplied all by themselves. it’s not my fault, they breed like rabbits. i have 6 with me today. however i can’t doodle in the to-do book, it just wouldn’t mix with the lists of administrivia. and if i put an important note about finances in between the flowers i’ll lose it. besides, notebooks are so pretty.
anyway, where was i? right, with the flowers and the leaves. i’m not sure what i’m going to do with these, i just see nature figuring prominently in my work. and i like doodling flowers. it’s such fantastic weather now one of my favourite occupations is sitting on an outdoor patio with a good cup of tea and scribbling. i love self-employment.

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