drowning in my booth

well. oh my. seriously? huh. words fail me as to just how lousy the weather gods treated us this weekend. i mean, come on guys, give us a break! friday night we were treated to a spectacular lightening storm and 10 minutes of violent rain. enough to drench everything however the wind was light and the damage was minimal. we thought we were free and clear.
saturday was dry and overcast. there was a heaviness in the air, the sort of humidity that squeezes your lungs and by 7 p.m. the sky was a giant bruise, pregnant with foreboding. everyone tied down the tents, took away all paper products and said a silent prayer. there were a few sprinkles but nothing major. during dinner a few more sprinkles happened, nothing major. just after 10 as i poured a wee glass of wine the motel shook and the lights blinked as the skies ripped open. i turned on the weather channel and the screen was flashing red, “WARNING – TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY, TORNADOS! DAMAGING WINDS! HAIL!”.

flashing red is never good. the sound of the warning was drowned out as the rain let loose. i glanced outside and couldn’t see my car, it was 8′ away but the rain was a giant sheet of water that i couldn’t see through. what can you do? i turned the channel and poured another glass of wine. nearby leamington was decimated. we survived, or most of us did. all over the show tents were pretzeled, it’s quite stunning to see just how much steel poles can bend. the park was completely flooded out and the show canceled. huh. darn. crap.

now i’ve added rubber boots, flip flops and full sailing foul weather gear on my packing list. maybe i should bring an inflatable boat?

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  1. Ola Fumilayo says:

    Oh My God. I thought I had it bad with a little bit of gale wind at my last show in New York. Was this flood scene in Ontario?

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