fabulous first show!

it didn’t rain!!!
a successful first show of the season. i do love craft shows sometimes. willistead park in windsor is a really great venue, beautiful trees, spacious lawns, nice neighbourhood and it didn’t rain (well, not during the show). amazingly i didn’t leave anything important at home, oh do i love my checklists! there were a couple of little glitches, 2 new display boards weren’t ready when i went to pick them up on friday, so i made do with some older boards. hopefully i’ll get them by this weekend for the beaches show. the only thing i did forget was my camera, i really wanted to post a photo of my new display and i really really need to get a great booth shot for show applications.
the weather was gorgeous, hot and humid, just the way i like it. there was a rain shower on saturday night and sunday was WINDY! it was a bit like being on the boat, everything just sways a lot. when the wind really picks up and the walls sway back and forth the jewelry is actually quite noisy, it’s the glass pendants knocking on the new acrylic display boards. it tends to freak a few people out, they think it’s going to break or fall over. it always sounds a lot worse than it is. as the afternoon wound down and we began to think about packing up vendors started glancing at the sky. at 5 pm when the final call went out a wave of panic ran through as a solid black line marched towards us. a severe thunderstorm was approaching and we had to pack up fast. i have never seen vendors move that quickly. between us we had the booth down and in the car in 40 minutes – now that’s record time. just as i hopped in the car the sky opened up with a mighty thunder crack and the weather gods let loose. not all were so quick to pack and i felt bad for those battling their flapping tents. ah life in the crafty lane.
then there was the guessing game on what’s going to sell this show? surprisingly it was a green weekend. and my new retro pendants were a huge hit! note to self: make loads more of these for this weekend. i love this colour combination but i didn’t realize how much others would love it too! i had 6 pendants and 4 were gone by noon on saturday. oops. and the green bubble pendants were a big seller, green never outsells blue! it did.
so now i’m off to the torch to make more retro pendants for the weekend. and of course i’ll check the weather forecast again, just to see if it’s changed from 30 minutes ago. start doing your sundance in anticipation of this weekend.
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