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Oh boy! I made friends yesterday! Feathery friends! 
Yesterday I went to the Bloedel Conservatory here in Vancouver. For a city that is relentlessly grey walking into this tropical paradise is, well… it’s paradise. There are flowers, and trees, and birdies! Lots and lots of birdies sitting amongst the flowers. It’s fantastic. As you know I love bright coloured birdies. Not that I want one of my own, having a pet that lives for 80 years is way too much for me. I just want to sit and talk to them and look at the bright colours. I had a great conversation with Casey, the entire conversation on both sides consisted of “hello” “hello”, “hello” “hello”. He may not have been very verbose, but he was pretty. And seriously, the colours of these parrots? Wow. Expect more macaw and parrot beads when I have some time again. 

Introducing Carmen and Maria – green winged macaws. 

And art, a blue and gold macaw. 

And Kiwi, isn’t this hilarious? Apparently he is shy. He’s an eclectus parrot. 

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