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When I’m wandering around down here on my adventures I spend a lot of time pondering. There is a lot of time to stare into space and contemplate the state of the universe and why chocolate is so delicious and other important matters. This year I’ve been pondering about adventures themselves. What exactly is an adventure? I had planned on being in the bahamas right now, snorkeling and sailing and I’m not. Yet I feel like I’m on a grand adventure. Last week I made my first edible loaf of bread in my tiny little boat oven! The oxford dictionary defines adventure as “an unusual and exciting or daring experience”. Was my bread very unusual and exciting? To me it was. I think that is part of the puzzle I’m pondering, what constitutes an adventure? An adventure is a subjective experience. We each have our own versions of adventures. I’m adding a new goal to 2017, to have an adventure every day. To lead an adventurous life. And I have a idea I’m tinkering around with that I could use your help with. I am putting together a list of adventures, like take a bus to the end of the line to see what’s there, or stroll along a riverbank, or hike to the top of a hill.

Help me with my list. Name an adventure big or small (in 20 words or less). And this leads me into…

To celebrate the spirit of exploration I’m giving away a pair of my Explore the World earrings. To enter to win leave a comment below and name an adventure.

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11 Responses to “February 2017 giveaway!”
  1. Jacqueline says:

    My adventure is to finish renovating my basement!

  2. Cindy says:

    I’ve retired after 30 years of service.

  3. Sandy Mac says:

    I recently dusted many years off of my art supplies and have been painting weekly. That is an adventure and no need to pack!

  4. Dianne Mowat says:

    The best adventure is to be in the moment. To wake up each day grateful for the day ahead. I manage to keep focus when I am paddling on any body of water :)

  5. Loria Kulathungam says:

    Travelled to Israel after high school, lived on a kibbutz, then backpacked through Europe solo. Opened the world to this Canadian farmgirl!

  6. Dianne Mowat says:

    Best adventure begins on my bike! Riding with feet off the peddles down a hill!

  7. jasmine Sartisohn says:

    I am going on a European adventure via a river boat in April. I start out in Germany and end up in Budapest. You might need to make “bigger” products to accommodate the extra food I have consumed.

  8. Pat says:

    Sailing ~ weekend Lake Ontario sailing… Perfect.

  9. Jackie says:

    Just completed a BC ski trip with hubby & daughter. Skied 2 new mountains & 2 repeats. Drove 1300 KMs. AWESOME!

  10. Ali says:

    I am going on a road trip in August that will be my biggest adventure ever!!

  11. Celine says:

    My most recent adventure was a trip to Trinidad to meet several cousins I’d never met before. It was an incredible experience.

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