February Giveaway!

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Wow do I love watching the Olympics!!! I find it amazing how skilled, how intense and how FAST these people are. The strength and determination it takes to get to a finish line is impressive. When I applaud I am cheering not just that one race but all the hours of training and focus the athletes have put into it. And there are so many sports that I know nothing about it’s really interesting. So far the speed skating is my favourite. How about you, what’s your favourite sport to watch in these games?

For February I am giving away one of my Valentine’s themed Dotted Heart Necklace!

To enter to win simply leave a comment!

The winner will be chosen in a completely random draw on March 15.

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12 Responses to “February Giveaway!”
  1. Denise Couture says:

    I love watching anything about skiing. I love the speed as well as the grace of the fancy jumps they do.

  2. Pam Loughlean says:

    Hi Catherine, absolutely love the new website, it looks fabulous and everything is so easy to find.

    For the Feb giveaway with the super cute heart necklace, I would say that my favourite Olympic sport to watch is the short track speed skating relay, there is always such energy with so many athletes on the ice at the same time, and anything can happen as they go around and around!

  3. Jennifer Daly says:

    Freestyle skiing has been my favourite!

  4. Susanne McEvoy says:

    skating, hands down, so graceful!

  5. Brenda says:

    I love the Olympics too! I hope I win the heart!

  6. Michelle Edmonds says:

    Dear Sailor Girl,
    It is hard to choose a favourite Olympic sport. I can’t take my eyes off the skiers and snowboarders. They are so daring.
    I wonder how the speed skaters find jeans to fit? Their thighs are so muscular. Maybe yoga jeans would work for them.
    Congratulations on your new site. It’s beautiful

  7. Mary Hepperle says:

    My favourite sport is the figure skating and women’s hockey

  8. Heather McGregor says:

    Well done Catherine! The website is awesome! I love watching the Moguls – especially Alexandre Bilodeau and his excitement (& his brother’s excitement) after winning Gold – brought me to tears!

  9. jennifer giles says:

    CATHERINE. Love your new work. Look forward to seeing it all in the spring. Favourite sport is women’s downhill slalom skiing. Those women are fearless. So strong and brave. They inspire me to no end. And the mountains are stunning.

    • Jan Moore says:

      Thank you Catherine for the opportunity to win the gorgeous heart, just realized it perfectly matches the bracelet I’m wearing today .. kismet! So proud of our Canadian athletes, especially enjoy the skating and skiing … but kudos to all the participants the world over just for being out there trying to live a great, productive life, just like you! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

  10. Patricia A Sisson says:

    I love the figure skating. Can watch it forever

  11. Gillian says:

    The website looks great. I can never decide what to buy…I want it all!! The heart necklace is gorgeous but I’m not sure there isn’t anything that isn’t!

    Favourite Olympic sport…hmmm…that’s a hard one – they are all amazing athletes. I have really enjoyed watching the freestyle skiing. It’s 24/7 Olympics in our house!

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