first winner of 2012!!!

In December I asked you to tell me about your favourite holiday treats.

OK, how many of you joined a gym this week to work off all those holiday treats? I think the nicest thing about reading all your responses was that more than half of you thought of a treat as time spent rather than calories ingested. There was Ruth, her treat was to snuggle on the couch with her kids, and Susan, her treat was baking cookies with her mum. I like the idea of a ritual being a treat. I also liked the oodles of descriptions of gooey, rich, chocolate filled yumminess. Oh it is a good season isn’t it?

And to end our year off and begin a new one, the winner of my World is Your Oyster necklace is Gloria Browning!!! Congrats on being the first winner in 2012!!! Yippeee, yay, what a way to start your year!
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