flower power

today i woke up in a bad tired mood. repeat after me, toay i will be happier than a bird with a french fry. so I went for a bike ride to do some errands. i saw nitrogen tanks being filled – doesn’t this look like something from wile e. coyote right before it blows?

i biked past the new Art Gallery of Ontario building which looks like a spaceship. i cycled through a divine cloud of curry. and i saw a woman on a bmx bike in thigh high gold lamee boots with 10″ stiletto heels! look around, there’s no room for bad moods here.

and i made myself some super cute flower earrings because i can and because no one can be in a bad mood with flowers on.

these are a new experiment, they’re lucite flowers and i made the earwires and finished the ends with little glass bobbles. i like them. i can think of a 1000 colour combinations….

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