Forbidden Planet – Inside

Forbidden Planet is a K.I.S.S. boat, that is Keep It Simple Sailorgirl!  The less moving parts, the less things to fix. On board we have:

  • communications

    • a VHF
    • a handheld VHF (waterproof)
    • a single sideband receiver (Si-Tex NavFax 2000)
    • a laptop hooked up to the single sideband receiver to receive weather fax
  • a handheld GPS
  • 2 burner Origo alcohol stove
  • Magna propane barbeque
  • stereo
  • portable DVD player
  • iPOD
  • Yanmar 18 hp diesel (we replaced the original 8 hp in 2005)
  • 16 gallons fresh water (plus 15 gallons in jerry cans)
  • 11 gallons diesel (plus 10gallons in a jerry can)

The galley. A 2 burner pressurized alcohol stove. Not particularly hot, but it works.

The sink slide away. Ingenious isn’t it?