get uncomfortable

get uncomfortable

I sit at the precipice of this new year, balancing between the old decade and the new. It feel momentous.

In the late part of 2019 I was so busy with life, running here and there, packing a house, clothes, suitcase, business, a life. Always on the go. Always in motion. The new year approached and I shrugged, yeah yeah here’s another one, put on a hat and wave a banner and drink some champagne.

One day a breeze blew threw me carrying a scent of something hanging just out of my view. There was a curtain waiting to be lifted to experience something unknown. I sniffed that breeze and realized that this new year was no ordinary new year, this was a change of decade.

It’s not the first decade I’ve seen change yet this one, oh this one is banging loudly for me to take notice and to take action.

While on this edge between old and new I look back and it feels like the old decade had about 91 days in it. I blinked and they vanished. I have photos of places I went, memories of parties and sunsets, things I made that I can hold and say “yes, 10 years have passed and I was there”.

It was a good decade.

It was a comfortable decade.

Much of what I did was within my comfort zone. I had really hit my stride in many areas of my life and I loped along at a comfortable pace. It was very enjoyable. There were things that I wanted to do and some of them I did (bonjour Paris!). Some of them I looked at and put back on the shelf because they needed nurturing and learning and I was too busy and they could be done later.

Those things are still on the shelf because later is always that, later.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the minutiae of now that later doesn’t happen and all of a sudden you’re sitting on the edge of a decade wondering where the time went.

This new decade is banging hard for me to take some things off that shelf and turn later into now. I am aware of how easy it is to sit in your comfort zone and enjoy the days slipping past. That zone is a very pleasant place to be yet this decade is crying out for something different. There are places to visit, ideas to be brought to life in some form or another, opinions to vocalize and adventures to seek out.

There are 3652 days in this new decade.

There are 3652 opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and make stuff happen.

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

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