getting ready to leave

oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!! i’m leaving any day now!!!! it’s vacation time!!! yipppeeeee!!!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

of course before leaving comes the clean up, after all, there’s people staying in my house. (oh god, someone is going to see the inside of my closets. damn.) the good part of this is that it makes me tidy up. and even though i swear i just cleaned my studio it appears that the midnight gremlins were making a huge mess, it couldn’t possibly have been moi. behold the bits of glass they left scattered all over my bench (and floor). bits of glass like this are from “thermal shock”. when you put a fresh rod of glass into the flame sometimes it shocks and spits little shards all over the place. this is why i wear a large leather welders apron at all times.
and i came across a fortune from a cookie last fall… still pinned to my wall… i believe in fortune cookies.
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