getting ready
Oh boy! I’m coming to visit a park near you!!! Yes show season starts next weekend, yay!!! I have boxes of packaging all over the floor, who knew packaging could take up so much space. I’ve been digging the booth bits out of storage, good thing I have a really good checklist of all the bits I’m supposed to have. Today I freshened up the display walls with a coat of paint.

And this year I have a great new gadget. I will be using my iPhone as my point of sale device! Is this not totally amazing? Seriously, how did I live without my iPhone? It just makes running a business so much easier. I simply slide a credit card through that tiny little black swiper and then you sign on the screen with your fingertip! Awesome! I moved to this system for many reasons the main one being that the big bank systems are not very friendly/affordable/supportive to small business such as mine. The one drawback to this system is that I will not be accepting debit at the moment. So, VISA, MasterCard or cash. 

A new toy to play with! Technology is so much fun.
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